Cooperative Studio is an ethical brand working to empower women via economic indepedence reworking traditional and ecological handcraft.


The shopping crochet  bag is made of 100% organic cotton and is the perfect farmers market companion. Holds about a dozen green apples and whatever else is on your wish list for a good pie.


The shopping crochet bag comes in a variety of natural colors and in various sizes and it is one of our favorites in the summer collection.


Cube bags are deep and spacious. They are made of 100% Eco-friendly fabrics woven in the Anatolia region in Turkey.

In Ankara this pure cotton fabric is tailored into big beautiful “shopper” bags with large side-pockets by a team of expert women, all part of the Cooperative Studio family.


Patik's are traditional home shoes and based on traditional Anatolian rich heritage.

They are made with “five knitting needles technique” by hand which are always made from natural woolen yarn or recycled yarn .

Patik’s in the perfect fluorescent colors for day and night house wear.

nature is our inspiration



We established Cooperative Studio in 2019 in order to support women labor all around Turkey. 

As two very close friends our common dream was enabling women labor to earn the respect it deserves and bring their handicraft to light. We are reinterpreting so many handicrafts that are sinking into oblivion to answer today's needs by using traditional textiles . As we aim to enable these techniques to live for a longer time with us, we are growing each day together with our friends who support us, producers, very valuable artisans. Our production process becomes meaningful with slow fashion movement and zero waste philosophy.   


In Cooperative Studio, fabrics we provide from local producers and recycled cotton turn into bags that will ease your daily life. We would like to make hand knitted booties and socks, crochets and point laces a part of your daily life. Dog sweaters that are knitted from wool with traditional techniques keep our little friends warm. Our collection that includes modern and simple elements becomes richer each day by adding a different value and product and provides for more families. The products you buy become a part of your daily life and you also contribute to the sustainability of local producers, women cooperatives and handicrafts that are sinking into oblivion. 

We wish you a pleasant experience with our products, produced with materials and procedures respectful to nature, ecology, human beings and all other living creatures.

Ayça and Genco


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